Robin Thicke -- hey hey hey

I want to like the music, but all I can hear and see is the dad from “Growing Pains” about to tenderly talk to Mikey Seaver about some deep but ultimately only meaningful-to-teenagers life lesson.

You ‘want’ to like the music? Seriously?

If I could punch a radio everytime that crap was played I’d have a basement full of broken radios.

hey hey hey fat albert gif

Thick as a brick

I absolutely hate the song blurred lines…

Its not a bad song. If you think it is overplayed, that is another issue. But it has a pretty cool groove (Largely influenced by Marvin Gaye) and it is a bit different than a lot of stuff out there. Flame away haters, but it is a pretty good tune.

Blurred lines is a dumb song with a subpar video. His older stuff is way better including his initial hipster video shot in NY.

say what is that really him? lol

Somewhat same groove. And they both have cowbells. But bass lines are different. Melody is different. Structure is different.

There are plenty of songs that are much closer. First one that comes to mind is Viva La Vida ripping off “If I Could Fly” by Joe Satriani. Coincidence? Maybe. How about The Hook by Blues Traveler lifting Pachelbel’s Canon? I love playing the Canon the first time through and then start singing “Because the hook brings you back…”

What everybody wonders…

Blues Traveler is but one of many who have borrowed Canon in D.

Yeah. The dude in that video pulled Paula Patton.

His wife is hot.