Roger Bannister

Roger Bannister is one of my heroes. Running the mile on 3;59.4 in May 1954, he did something that “experts” had said was impossible. But it wasn’t just the running. This was an act of greatness from a former time, before sports were more about $ than honest endeavour. Roger caught the train to the race after finishing his Medicine lectures at University. He was paid nothing, sponsored by noone, and trained alone with his own willpower. Why am I posting this on AF? The mile is a four lap race. By the final lap, you are in real pain. And I think a L3 candidate is a bit like Roger Bannister. We train alone, we go to work while training, and we feel real pain at times like this with 10 days to go. I spent a beautiful summer day in my office learning GIPS disclosures this weekend. But the pain will be absolutely forgotten at 5pm on 6th June. We are very close now. Keep running.

this is why i love you Mandelbrot. rising above it all you are able to pull in a truly inspiring perspective. much appreciated at 3:00am here in the states on yet another sleepless night.

The fact that you’re still grinding it out at 3am is why you’re a sure thing.

No sure thing here. now if only it were discipline keeping me up late… but sadly its just anxiety. i woke up at 1:30am and just couldn’t sleep so decided to review some of what i got wrong on the cfai sample exam. and so this morning (afternoon now) i am just a tired mess. but i still appreciate the Bannister story. it’s a challenge to keep going (as the doubts about ever passing are getting nearly insurmountable)…any and all inspiration is welcome!

Nice story. Maybe this will help for you guys as well. If you all loved Finding Nemo as much as I did then I’m sure you’ll get a kick outta this one. When I’m sitting at my desk wanting to give it up for the night, the little Disney fish just pops into my head: “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming”