Rogue Trader (the movie)

An entertaining true story, and a powerful cautionary tale. A must-see for anyone in finance…


From Rotten Tomatoes: Based on the tell-all autobiography by Nick Leeson, Rogue Trader tells the true story of how one man managed to bring down England’s best respected merchant bank. Ewan McGregor plays Leeson, an ambitious young man from North London who is hired by the Barings Brothers Bank and sent to Indonesia to help untangle some problems with bearer bonds. Leeson does well enough to earn a transfer to Singapore, where he’s put in charge of Barings’ staff at the Singapore International Money Exchange. The Asian economy is booming and a variety of new financial strategies are changing the shape of the marketplace; while his superiors in London are a bit baffled by the range of possibilities, Leeson takes to the work like a duck to water, and he’s soon trusted to do as he pleases. This eventually proves to be his downfall; without a separate team watching the accounts in the back office, Leeson is soon juggling figures to cover up for certain mistakes and gambling on the market with the bank’s funds, not just their clients’.

It’s my favorite finance related movie.

I’m surprised many people are not aware of it, maybe because it wasn’t a US made movie.

The best part of the movie is how it makes the English old boy network look like a bunch of gullible idiots.

Have to check this out. Did you guys think it was as good as Margin Call (which I thought was awesome)?

Definatey not as good as Margin Call. I guess the movie was made on a very low budget.

Would recommend the book if you haven’t seen the movie. A really good read.

I liked the movie but it definitely had a low budget feel to it.

Looking forward to seeing Margin Call.

Thanks for the tip Wendy. This movie came out in 1999.

Protip: There is this movie called “Wall Street” that Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen are in. It came out in the 80s. It’s pretty good as well.


Although I was myself a little surprised, you gotta admit that it’s a relatively obscure movie.