Roku / AppleTV / Sports Viewing Options MLB

OK so I relocated to another part of the country and do not have access to local channels that carried Red Sox games.

Looks like options are getting MLB tv and a device to stream to. I really don’t want a PS3 as I don’t play video games.

Anyone have a Roku or new Apple TV?

Also with MLB tv you can stream to your android phone. My download speed at home is ~ 11 Mbps. If I wifi my phone, and connect my phone to the TV via HDMI, will it stream to the full TV size with full HD resolution or is it going to be small? Anyone know how this works?

If you watch the games at home you might be able to get by with a cable service that carries NESN and MLB network. The best option is to buy MLB extra innings directly through your cable company.

I buy every year just because its cheaper than paying for extra innings. I normally watch games on my iPad. I have used the streaming service on my PS3, but the quality sucked compared to my ipad and I would have buffering issues.

I’d go to the apple store and ask to see it in person if possible. Else, I definetly prefer my ipad to the PS3 streaming.

Or you could run a DVI from the PC to your TV if possible, I imagine that’d be better than streaming from a media server.

Apple TV and Roku are both 100% HD with MLB TV. I just don’t want to buy either if I can use my phone. If I wifi my phone I will get a download of ~ 11 Mbps. The MLB tv app is 100% HD on my Android phone BUT if I connect the HDMI out on my to phone to an HDMI in on the TV is it going to stream at 100% HD? How does that work?

NESN isn’t a option here. We can get YES, WGN, and some regional Fox sports channels.

You’re really OK with plugging your phone into the TV for 162 games? What if someone calls you? I think it should work the same as the media server and stream HD quality if you want to go that route. Go to best buy and buy an HDMI to HDMI cable and try it, or

Cant you just unplug your bluray player and try it?

I believe using the PS3 should have been the same quality as a Roku or other streaming media device, but it wasnt even close, which makes me wary regarding the phone’s quality.

If you really dont want to buy another device, I would try to use your TV as a 2nd monitor and stream from your computer. Just run a long cable through the house or apt during the games.

On wifi the you can use phone and data at the same time. And I use a bluetooth ear piece.

I have a sony bluray player that has hulu plus, amazon prime, netflix, youtube, etc so getting one of those devices is just overkill.

I’m going to call mlb tv support concerning phone to tv options, this isn’t really going anywhere…