How many designations listed after your name is too many? Discuss.

What no Caia?

It says he went to NYU business school. So this is consistent with our theory about that school.

Anyone put all those letters into a scrabble word finder or anagram maker?

Mr. Quintero has a violation on his site:

“Mr. Quintero is a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Management Accountant, Chartered Financial Analyst…”

Grammatically no different than saying “Mr. Quinterio is a Chartered Financial Analyst”.

The site is in serious need of updating as well. Still refers to AIMR (instead of CFAI) and Big 5 Accounting.

How does someone even find the time to get all those designations

I request that you take my name down from this public domain. I believe the AF fine print says no outing other members!


Just an Advanced Professional Certificate from NYU.

I assume you are jesting, but outing members without their consent is not kosher here. So let me know if that actually happened.

Technically, we would only know that CFAvsMBA is Ron because he admitted it himself. Does this qualify as an “outing”?

I’m kidding. Thanks for having my back bchad!

Ron must be incredibly anti-social. Or has photographic memory

If CFAvsMBA was Ron (which of course he isn’t), he’d have some serious splainin to do here. Ron’s picture is not hard to find and he doesn’t even slightly resemble Tiny Lister.

met him, hes a nice enough fellow…

I searched Google Images for “Ron Quintero” and one of the results was the more favorable “Hannelly Quintero”.

^ nice find!

Haha, nice thread

I can’t believe Blake’s not here, berating us for participating in such an insubstantial discussion.

I’m curious what would be the standard procedure if CFAvsMBA actually turned out to be Ron Quintero, CXXX^45.

Besides deleting the thread, maybe a hitman would visit us tonight to protect CFAvsMBA’s privacy.

Blake’s too busy getting a second masters degree and trying to prove the invalidity of my brother’s prenup and Obama’s birth certificate.


Must be an under achiever.