Rotman MBA

This is an information session tommorrow for Rotman School of Bizness. Anybody going? I don’t plan to attend an MBA anytime soon, but i definitely learned my lesson about planning early.

Frank, Is this information session today? I might check it out if you go. Although I don’t think Rotman can get me $159 million in severance or $250 million in severance [if I close a major deal] like Harvard can. Willy

O’Neal is such a sleaze. The article about him in the WSJ last month spoke volumes about his character.

That’s the name of the game for CEO’s. Look at Bob Nardelli

Willy, they have a set of sessions. but its for a 2 year MBA only. its at 6:30. I’m going. I’m at work right now. email me your contact information i won’t be able to access my info until later, so we have to talk on here.