rotmans master of finance

for those of you in canada, is anyone here enrolled in teh masters of finance program at Rotmans? if so when do fall courses start there? thx

I think their site has the calendar for the typical 20 month program. However, if anyone is enrolled can they give their opinion on it? with it being so new I haven’t heard anything other than the promo material…and what is the career services like?

I’m currently a MFin student at Rotman’s. My 4th semmester starts this weekend, so I’m assuming the next years class is also starting then. I think it’s a good program, some courses are hit and miss depending where your interest are. But it’s a good focus just on finance not other MBA bird courses (marketing, HR, etc). And it’s worthwhile to differentiate yourself from all the other CFA’s here in Toronto. The cost is excessive, (I paid $55,000) but so are most other grad programs. However, I can’t complain since it has helped me already change jobs with a salary bump more then the tuition itself. As for the career service, recuiting for our year starts this Sept. But they do seem pro-active and wants to work for us. Unfortunately, most of the MFin students would be more senior then some of the postings. I’m not really too envolved, since I’m starting my new role in 2 weeks time. Hope that helps.