Rotting cat squish

Sometimes when you throw a rotting cat at the floor hard enough, it just goes splat and seeps through the floor boards into the apartment below.

Nice… an excellent new finance term.


more than one way to skin a rotting cat squish

I’m reporting JDV to ASPCA

Think it hasn’t been done before? I used to have this nice garden in which I would grow brussel sprouts. Ground hogs seem to really like brussel sprouts so I got one of those hav-a-heart traps and put it out by my sprouts. One day, my neighbor knocks on my door and tells me that I have trapped a groundhog, who was sitting in my trap, munching my brussel sprouts. She asked what I was going to do with it and I said “I dunno, maybe make a hat”. She ran off in a huff and I had to explain to all kinds of people that I had taken the ground hog to the rec path and released him next to the corn field.

I would have put a .22 or .17 in his head. I hate ground hogs, they are just big squirrels. Oh that’s right since we are within city limits I would take a pellet gun to its head… yeah I’m evil!!!

a good dog would do the trick… less noisy

JoeyDVivre Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Think it hasn’t been done before? > > I used to have this nice garden in which I would > grow brussel sprouts. Mmm. I’m hungry. I’ve got a nice brussels sprouts recipe. Brown the sprouts in one pan, saute butter and shallots in another pan, then put them together in chicken stock for 30 minutes. They taste like candy.


I was going to share this, but you can actually make a tasty grounghog ragout with brussel sprouts.

ha haaa…just get a pot with peanut oil and dip the trap in for fifteen minutes huh? groundhog and sprouts and all. just like a tday turkey. season to taste.

My brother in law going to college out in Cali has a Peruvian roommate. A friend of theirs came in tote with a pet rat and the roommate got really really excited. Started cheering and salivating busting out the pans and knives thinking it was a guinea pig they were gonna cook up. Turns out guinea pig is his favorite dish in the world. I can give you their address if you catch enough of them I’m sure they’ll be eaten if you just say their Americanized Guinea pigs.

OK heres one. My wifes friend taught english for like a year or something in China. While she was there, she came across this live market where there where all these animals for sale to eat. Like you could buy live chickens, birds, eels, and of course…cats. She had a strong affinity for cats and decided that she would buy one and save it from being killed and cooked. She looked up and down at the various cats and ended up choosing one out of the many. After she pointed at which one she wanted, the seller took the cat out and, before she could say anything…“WHACK!!!” Meat cleaver to the head. So much for picking the lucky one!

hahhahahaa. Did she eat it after that? When I was in Australia there was this Chinese restaurant we’d go to all the time because it was cheap and we were broke college students. Two days after gorging ourselves we found out in the news that the gov’t had shut the restaurant down because they were substituting dog meat and cat meat in all their dishes. The dishes tasted good to.

Was it tasty?

Yep it was good. In hindsight the cat squish tasted better than the dog.