Roughly how many people in your venue?

Mine must’ve had around 7000

around 2,000 in LA

maybe im overestimating but damn it was a lot of ppl. In Johannesburg

Couldn’t have been more than two hundred here in Cincinnati.

Feel bad for everyone thats in a big room like I was, waiting an extra 20 minutes for them to count EACH book is not fun.

Over 6000 people in Toronto

Maybe 300 at San Diego

Around 1500 in Sydney.

Approx. 200 @ DE

around 3000 in Chicago.

almost 3000 in Boston

FYI: These were the 15 test center cities with the largest number of candidates last year (June 2009): 1) New York–8,336 2) London–8,098 3) Hong Kong–7,746 4) Mumbai–7,586 5) Shanghai–6,217 6) Beijing–5,517 7) Toronto–5,467 8) Seoul–5,152 9) Singapore–4,845 10) Chicago–2,840 11) Boston–2,809 12) San Francisco–2,132 13) Taipei–1,994 14) Los Angeles–1,993 15) Sydney–1,769

350 Pittsburgh

Only 16 in Riga for Level1

I counted around 1,050 available seats in Dubai but only around 2/3 seemed to be occupied. All three levels, tho no doubt vast majority L1.

Pete, you had time to count 1050 seats? You must have been one of those poor suckers who came in at 8am, only to find they finally closed the doors at 8:55am (yeah, I did the same…could have slept an extra hour!).

Around 50 for all 3 levels in Fredericton, NB, Canada… Actually surprised there were that many… 35 Level I, 10 Level II and 5 Level III… (We are not in a heavily populated area…

Denver: about 500

Which venue is the biggest? Toronto? It looks like NY has multiple locations so you can’t count that as 1. I wonder what its like sitting in a room with 2k + people cramming CFA

Toronto was about 6000, and they were all in the same venue! Traffice in the morning and after the exam was horrendous. The venue is also right next to a MLS soccer stadium, and for the second year in a row, there was a soccer game going on during the exam. Couple that with the loud music playing again in the PM.