Rounding in AM session

A numerical entry response box will only accept numbers, commas and a decimal point. There is no room to show work. A question may contain a note with specific guidance on how to format the answer, such as: Provide your answer as a percentage, rounded to one decimal place. 10.8 %

If the question says rounded to one decimal place and my calculation was 10.823% then 10.8%.

If the question says rounded at one decimal place, then it’s 11%.

Am I correct?

Decimal thing is so confusing…

11% would be rounding to zero decimal places; 10.8% is rounding to one decimal place.

Where is the lol button

If the question requires 3 steps
Step 1. XY = Z
Step 2. sqrt(Z)=A
Step 3. A
B*C = Final Answer

Final answer in percent with 1 decimal place. That means every calculation step only round to 0.001

That is how I am going to think about this idk if everybody else is rounding in each step that way or just the final answer.