Rounding in Excel

Does anyone know a rounding function besides mround that lets you round formulas to the nearest 1000/100/etc? I’ve been using mround and the problem with that is that its from an “add in” so if someone opens it without the add in installed it blows up the spreadsheet. Any suggestions? Thanks!

You can use the regular ROUND() function and use negative numbers where it asks for the number of decimal places. So, -1 will round to nearest 10, -2 to the nearest 100, and so on.

create an easy formula… suppose you wanted to round to nearest 1/16… you have a price of 82.4 which should be 82.375 use this: ROUND(82.4/.0625,0)*.0625

Thanks tobias! I never thought of that. BTW - Arrested Development was a great show, too bad it was another casualty of being ahead of its time! RIP