Rounding Off

Guys, just a quick question…How does the CFA institute like to round off their anwsers? IE will they round 0.456 to 0.46 ? or will they only round when its 2.456 to 2.46 ? Thanks

Though probably a valid question, I wouldn’t worry much. Based on sample questions and common sense, the answers are not that close. For e.g. most answer vary as to catch issues with understanding. Say, if I confuse odds for / against an event, I will be confused with 1/6, 5/6 and 1/5 etc. Just set your calc to 5 digit precision and keep working…

i go 4 out on my hp 12 c

Alright, thanks

@ “Just set your calc to 5 digit precision and keep working…” what is meant by 5 digit precision? I have TI BA2 plus and it gives results upto 2 decimal places.Can it be set to otherwise?( 3,4 decimal places…)

Yes, dont know the method off hand but its in the handbook.

ok.thanks.I will check it in handbook.Will be g8 if it works bcz answr upto 2 decimal just irritates smtimes.

2nd decimal point Enter where precision required = 5 or 6 or 7 etc. Whenever you do a 2nd Reset ==> it goes back to 2 decimal places. you probably are better keeping it always at 2nd decimal 9 enter. 9 means floating decimal, and will give you your answer to the level of accuracy in the calculations. CP

thanks cpk123. i got it…