Rounding on your calculator

I am using TI BAII plus and wondering how many decimal places you are rounding to? I have it at four right now but i noticed when i was doing for forward rate agreements i would get different answers because I write down an answer and then dividing it by another answer i wrote down. I guess i could store answers into the memory but i am not use to that so dont really want to try anything new. just want to know what everyone else is rounding their calculators to.

This was answered yesterday. Use more decimals or use memory function in the calculator. Don’t want to get an answer wrong because of rounding.

Your answer might be a little off, but will NOT be so far off that it’s closer to another answer choice. CFAI won’t trick you by this kind of thing. You’re over-worrying. They know if real life we have Excel, so this kind of issue is irrelevant for a practitioner.

Answers will be “closest to” so you want the exact answer on your calculator and then round that off to choose.