Rowing machine

I just learned that my gym has one of these. I don’t know how long they’ve had it, because it’s tucked far away in the back corner where I never go.

@Black Swan - how do you use this thing?

Like an erg machine? I’ve been sculling for about 2 years now since I moved up to MA, I figured I might as well go full WASP. Spend your first session just focusing on the technique for about 20 minutes or more then work on power later.

Grip should be between the first and second knuckle like you’re hanging off of it. Motion occurs in three distinct stages with no overlap. Wrists should stay level / flat the entire time. You start bunched up with your shins about perpendicular to the floor and arms completely straight out ahead of you, back slightly forward like this:

Then you start the motion.

Stage 1) Leg press. You push with the legs like you’re doing a squat, core stays engaged with good posture, back and arms do not move (arms / shoulders should be fully relaxed) as your legs extend and eyes stay forward. As your legs hit full extension you transition to the second stage. Stage 2) Back engages, you now continue the pulling motion by leaning backward, arms should still be extended at a dead hang.

Stage 3) You pull your hands to your chest at your sternum.

Recovery. You unwind the motions in reverse order as three distinct stages, the unwind should be slow, smooth and controlled, think 2-3 seconds versus the approximately one second it took to generate the pull. This should be a cardio exercise: smooth balanced and low impact above all occurring over a 20 or more minute period. It’s phenomenal full body exercise that works core, back arms, but primarily quads. Good reference with more illustrations:

I started working out on this thing recently and needed to polish my technique. Looks like I had most of it. Thanks BS.

I saw rowing machine and my next thought was “house of cards”

^ Yes, while wearing pants and long-sleeved shirt with tie. Get real.

Tried a rowing machine a few years ago but my fingers would almost go numb after say, 10 minutes. Great workout but I couldn’t figure out how to correct that from happening.

Rowing machines provide a fantastic workout. The calorie burn per minute is great and because it’s spread out over your entire body, it feels easier than other machines in the gym. Basically no impact either.

Might be gripping it too hard should not be palmed, look at the picture, loosely hanging from it with it between first and second knuckle should be almost no pressure on the recovery.

Interesting, thinking back I was working really hard so I might have been gripping too hard. I’ve seen weightlifters use straps when lifting heavy weights, I was thinking maybe that could be the solution but never tried it.

It’s cardio, you shouldn’t be straining