Roxanne Roxanne All she wanna do is party all night! Lets get tik tok famous!

In LA, yeah Got no brakes, yeah Living fast, Ricky Bobby shaking bake, yeah See the chain? yeah Issa lake, yeah Swipe the chase, oo Now she wanna date, yeah Straight to NOBU On the coast oo Shorty only like cocaine and whole foods Yeah Snappin all up on the gram Ass going crazy Now she wanna fuck me in the foreign Going 80

Tik Tok? Nerdy. . .

This Roxanne does NOT seem nice. :broken_heart: :-1:

broskis. this song blew up. most played song on spotify for the US. tik tok taking over the world.

the company has a private valuation of 75b.

It has embedded subliminal messages praising President Xi, watch out.

you’re right look at this direct quote:

If you ain’t gotta foreign then she laugh at you

trade war reference. these chinese are smart. a worthy adversary that we must understand so that we can annihilate them.