RR using specific Bond

There is an alternative approach by using specific bond as Duration Rebalancing ratio to adjust Bond Portfolio Duration instead of using entire portfolio value. It is more complicated. I didn’t find question with such approach required in any EOC, Portal test, AM Tests and Mock test so far. Plain vanilla approach is each time required in questions. Is it worth to spend time practicing this as well?


I think you are more than ready to take the test already. This calculation is probably easier than the IS, Contingent Immunization and others. Don’t know about other people. But after that many many hours of study, I would remember and practice everything I could in the Kaplan note :slight_smile:

Well. I agree is less complicated than some others but I was surprised it wasn’t required anywhere. Now I have two of those fancies to practice. First are insurance premiums with two approaches under Individual Risk management, second is this one above. If you remember more of those exotic things, feel free to write here. Just in case.

Hahaha honestly if Flashback doesn’t pass, I give up on life… I will curl up in the fetal position and ponder the meaning of life, or lack thereof…


A little nice break from YouTube:)


Just curious how do you remember all the advantages and disadvantages of all the terms? Did you make some flash cards or just keep doing questions until you remember them?

This is a piece I am still trying to work on in addition to my hand writing…

It was challenging. Solving the tons of questions and revising the answers helped a lot. The most challenging to remember are behavioral biases and seems they have abnormal number of points on exam.

Thanks! I guess I need to practice more question now. I agree! And if we forget certain ones, it is very difficult to answer questions in the morning session.

Take 3 days off of work. Wake up early in the morning. Take 1st AM paper in the morning, revise and take another one in the afternoon, then revise again. After 3-4 days you will feel great.

Thanks for the advice! I will give that a try. Hope I will feel better then :slight_smile:

lol I think “you will feel great” might be a slight exaggeration. After 6 hours of writing and your brain constantly working, both will feel like they just went through self-inflicted torture.

Nirvana. I’m even solving CFA questions while dreaming at night. My mind is absolutely closed to absorb any information out CFA.