RSS feeds

can we set up RSS feeds on this website? if yes, then how to do it? else how can i get notifications of new messages being posted? thanks Ash

It would be great to follow this forum via RSS. My level of knowledge says that it cant be done without an imbedded RSS link on the forum, however I am no expert so hopefully somebody who is can reply.

you can follow particular threads by doing,1220311 e.g. to follow this thread. and then go into your control center (My Control Center) and change the notification to email you each time the thread changed.

I tried doing that and it says to click on ‘follow this thread’ when I liked a particular message but I can’t seem to find that option anywhere. Any thoughts?

first list the item by going to the item e.g. for this thread it would show up as,1220311 then change the browser link to,1220311 now if you went into the My Control Center --> and click on My Followed Threads - change date option (dropdown) - you will see the list of all threads you wanted to follow.

ahh!!! Thanks :slight_smile: