Rubberband man, wild as the taliban! How can i stop being a chicken?

Guys i am afraid i am too conservative. I am too scared to speculate to make money. but isnt it prudent. lets dicuss.

The thing is that the big wins that are all over the news are the tip of the iceberg. For every big speculative win there are quite a few losses. I’d stick with the 15% CAGR and leave the ten baggers for people who dance on the edge.

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Arent you compounding at like 30% CAGR including home equity?

nah. 20% cagr in the past 10 yrs. if i had to guess its around 16% cagr excluding tax benefit from deferred contribution and real estate outlier. slightly outperforming S&P 500 which is at 14% cagr from when i started. but if we’re talking about pure stock picks in the last 5 yrs since i started pick stocks. im matching the S&P 500.

Bro you ain’t beating sso? How are you going to retire?

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im at 572k. its not a question of if but when! could literally retire in the philippines if i wanted to rn.

What does misses home equity think about the Philippines? We need to divorce probability adjust that networth :joy:

prenups are hard to defend over time. but pre marital assets are iron clad if you dont commingle!

You get your fiance to sign one? Every chick I talk to says that they’ll never sign one.

Prenup or the highway.

In this world, some people wear the pants. And others, well they are beta males

nope. no prenup as of right now. im going the pre matiral assets route and shoving things into trusts. just keeping everything separate. yall got prenups? i think my biggest exposure would be alimony. i dont mind spliting post marital assets. im prolly going to bury it in a ton of debt .

that’s how you know it’s love nerdy.

Yep I love her for sure. But does she love me? I think if she loves she’d allow me to have a side chick! If my boy Warren can do it. If my homie bezos can do it. If my guy musk can do it. Heck even that nerd boy bill had massive topless parties. Why can’t I. Are they so different? Do they not feel pain when they bleed? Do they not long for more when they are lonely? What makes you think they are so much better than I that I can’t achieve the same thing? My hero once said only god can judge me! And you know what they did. They killed him. And to that I say to live and die in la. To do the impossible dream is what inspires me. And if I should fall like icarus for trying to capture something beyond my reach, then I will die happy knowing that I tried. At the end of the day, whether we accomplish much or are negative npv low lives, none of it matters but your happiness. Look at the stars at night and have comfort that all we are seeing is a snapshot from billions of years ago and the light that shines is already very likely dead. So shine bright like a diamond for this fast life it soon shatters, and after all the lights and screams nothing but my dreams matter.