Rubio on track for 2nd win

74% of votes! oh wait, it’s Puerto Rico.

good job

Why should he be expected to win Puerto Rico?

I thought that he was a Canadian.

hillary looks so presidential

cruz is Canadian. born on Canadian soil

rubio is latino, but was at least born in the US

Because he at least looks like he could be from there. I mean it’s not at all different from why Obama got the vast majority of the black vote. People like people who (they think) are like them.

But my question is why does Puerto Rico get a say? It’s not like they get to vote in the general election anyway.

And none of these jokers ooze the sense of professionalism, competence, and dignity that Obama, Hillary, and Romney do.


Stupid me.

Don’t judge a book by its cover. See BHO, HRC.

RT @BenjySarlin: Rubio aides leak to CNN some of them want to end campaign, which is a really really really bad sign

Come on Big D, you can do it

March 15th is when it all happens

I will be so excited if Donald wins Ohio and/or Florida. I am preparing for the worst, though, and am expecting a Kasich and Rubio win

^ I think Trump will win Florida, but not Ohio. Of course I’ve been wrong about just about everything this cycle.

^ I agree, definitely a better chance of florida than ohio, but I fear everyone will coalesce around rubio. polling of the early voters shows that in early voting, rubio is beating trump 2-1. trump usually does better in early voting than on election day, so it doesnt bode well imo

^ Early voting, but in southern part where Rubio has an advantage - Trump dominates in central and northern.

Also, negative ads are pouring in against Rubio from Trump and Cruz camp, while Rubio’s campaign targets Trump solely.

The only shot of rubio or cruz getting tothe white house is to join forces. As long as they stay fractured, Trump will continue to take the bigger pieces of the pie