Rule of Thumb

This by no means guarantees success in the fortcoming exam but should be used as a guide to the one already in use. 1) Thou shall know the law and all the rudiments of GIPS and Professional conducts, as Ethics is the decider of fate. Obey the strictest law. 2) Know your averages, law of chances and sampling, as statistics shows no mercy, it goes as far as Regression. 3) The world economy, trade and currency are no strangers to economics. Know the business cycle peaks and trough and be very weary of Phillips Curves. Dare not forget GDP as demand and supply flirt with equilibrium. 4) Honour the contents of the financial statements and value your assets and liabilities accordingly. Believe in ratios and call upon DuPont to save the day. Forget not the codes to the promise land; COGS, FIFO, LIFO, cash flow, depreciation and Lease. 5) Exercise caution with Cost of Capital, Budgeting and Dividends, Clientele effect lurks in the corner. Behold, market portfolio is a very risky portfolio, watch out for beta, CAPM, DDM, SML, CML, etc. 6) Thou shall not be in bondage. Know all bond types and use calc effectively and wisely as BEY can be a pain. 7) Swap not your friends spouse, but trade forwards and swaps over-the-counter. Pay attention to the difference in trans-Atlantic options (min and max values). 8) Above all, make love to your sample test, as you’ll spot your short comings. You can only get better.


looks like you both will sail through KUDOS!

This one is a keeper…

ingenous and a distraction.

thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s scantron?