Who here thinks the following should be a rule: After posting a question from Qbank, etc., you MUST post the answer within 5 to 10 minutes. All in favor say aye


i agree to this put sometimes people do this at work and get caught up at work. i had that once where i couldnt go back for an hour cause something suddenly came in. i know it sucks but a bet more than 50% of people on here are at work…


Totally disagree. I usually allow for a 0.5 day of thorough thought and discussion process to dissect the question to it’s minutia. If we just have 5 mins to answer the question then all people will do is just post the answer-chose they think would be correct without going into too much of a detail. So who gains by just looking at replies like ‘B?’ ‘D?’ or maybe ‘A?’, the sole purpose of any question being solved (on AF) before the test should not always be to get it right, but to understand the underline concept beneath it.

I agree with Dinesh however sometimes i leave work wanting to know the answer to a question but then forget to check it the next day (typically dont log in from home). Perhaps I should start bookmarking threads.

a half day of thought?? 2 things: 1.) Obviously you don’t have a full day of thought for the exam 2.) If you don’t want to know the answer, don’t scroll down! Self control is great. I understand the discussion, but I usually try to ignore it unless I know what the real answer is. I hate it when someone convinces me that the wrong answer is right. Once we know what the real answer is, I thoroughly enjoy a conversation with different angles of why it is the right answer. I don’t want to hear a bs angle about why the wrong answer is right. That makes the whole thing much more difficult. There, I said it. A half day to think about one question? There are thousands of questions to do…many of them very good.

agree with some disagree with some… one thing you guys need to factor in…is TIME DIFFERENCE!! I can say this because i’m not currently in the states… I understand a majority of the AFers probably are…but some of us who aren’t…well I might put up a post during my morning…which is usually night in the states…and I don’t check it till much later…(HALF A DAY sometimes!!) cause everyone on that side is fast asleeep!! need half a day…Not to think about a question for that long…but just to see responses from the people who might understand it a lot better…

I like the discussion a lot more than the answer itself. So if the discussion starts up quickly the answer should be posted quicker than if the discussion is slow.