run out of steam!!

I have run out of energy and steam…I seriously dont know what to do now…really struggling!

What is everyone doing or studying now?..

You’re welcome

you probably are confident hence you don’t have anything to study…

do some workout, yoga, freshen up your mind… you’d be surprice in exam how much you can recall with fresh mind.

well said

"Dear (your name),

We sincerely regret to inform you that you did not pass the 2015 CFA Level 3 Exam."

Not sure about how confident I am… I keep seeing things on this forum I dont know about… I’m crapping myself tbh

This would be the worst email I could get.


Performance enhancing drugs and work out

I want to vomit just reading that fail email.

Just relax dude ; you’re money.

If you really have nothing to do, have a look at my thread about Liquidity Requirements (shameless plug) :slight_smile: