Running short on time - next steps?

Only 85 days left and I am still stuck in equity valuation.

if I review CFAI blue boxes and do CFAI EOC problems, can I skip Schweser practice problems at the end of each chapter? I am trying to knock out one topic each week (fixed income, alt, derive and port mgmt) next four weeks so that I have at least 8 weeks to do practice exams and review concepts/memorize formulas.

In what way are you stuck in equity valuation? You haven’t finished reading or aren’t understanding it? Also, how far you into the material?

I have done only Equity, FI and FRA one study session till now from Schwesers alone. Do I have still have time to finish others and go thru CFA EOCs realistically ? I have a full time job, but weekends are free.

Depends on when you started studying, but at a glance probably not. If I were you I’d probably combine Schweser with CFA EOC/BB’s and skip Schweser EOC.

how can you consider yourself short on time when you’re in the middle of the study and using Schweser ?

@booboo81 How do you figure that you’re behind?

I am finishing the last reading of equity (private company valuation) tonight and I do not feel behind at all. I am on pace to finish the readings, concept checkers and challenge problems by Saturday, April 8th which is a FULL 8 weeks before gameday.

as of tonight itll be 3 books down, 2 to go. And really only 1.5 books because the Alt/Port Schweser book is only like 170 pages and there just arent alot of meaty/difficult concepts in there.

Bro - start derivatives as soon as possible. You’ll need more than a week for that.


With Just 70 days for the exam, I am going nowhere. I have only completed Equity , FI , FRA & Derivatives 1 study session. Still lots to cover and dont know where to find time for practice / mocks & revision. Band 7 in 2015 and going the same way this time I guess…losing hope day by day.

Just keep going. You’ve completed most of the high-point areas. Make sure to spend some time each day reviewing and start mocks in late April or May.

Thanks Tomriddle for the encouraging words. BTW I dont know how much of the already studied material also is still there !!

Guys! I am done with QUANTS, ECO, FRA. I am currently on leave so that means full day of studying. SO basically i have 8 full days left. My question is what to attack next i am relatively confident about CF & Equity (70% > in my last attempt in 2015).

What Should i do next Derivatives? PM? FI? or ALT?

Focus on FI and Derivs now. Do FI first then derivs. As there is some overlap. FI is a big section. It is quite straightforward but needs plenty of practice until binomial trees become mechanical.

I’m finishing PM in these days. With this I have done my 1st review in everything but Alternatives, and my 2nd review in FRA and Equity .

But my time is very limited so my study schedule is much more spread out than for most.

Now I’m seriously considering skipping Alts. I have wasted too much time on topics like Econ, PM and Quants and I’m afraid I have totally forgotten FI and Derivs. When I do my second review I usually find out I remember close to nothing, so if I want to do a thorough review of everything I just won’t have time for Alts.

How hard is Alts compared to eg. PM which I’m finding surprisingly challenging?