Russell data on Bloomberg

I use a Bloomberg terminal but currently dont have access to detailed data for the Russell group of indexes. Does anyone know the approximate cost to get access? Thanks.

contact bloomberg (help key)- they can tell you within five minutes. they might actually be able to tell you where to find the information you want for free - it may be there but given the somewhat confusing nature of bloomberg you might not know where it is. They can help.

Thanks strikershank. I did contact Bloomberg but they referred me on to the third party contributor who is currently unreachable. Yeah, it would be nice to get the info for free, I have been looking around on bloomberg…

You can get detailed data directly from Russell at I’m not sure what it is you are looking for, but they have a great total return tool.

i need the breakdown of sector returns of russell midcap index for the year 2007. i need to compare it with my portfolio and figure out effect from sector allocation, security selection, etc.

You’ll need access to their subsription service, not sure how much. I use a 3rd party Analytical Software to do allocation analysis for me. If all you are looking for is YTD 2007 Sector performance returns For 9 main sectors let me know and I can post them tomorrow for you when I get back into the office and hopefully I remember to check thsi site :slight_smile:

Thanks bigwilly, that will be very helpful. I need the performance for Russell midcap index (RMC) for year 2007 broken down by GICS sector. Consumer Discretionary, Consumer Staples, Energy, Financials, Health Care, Industrials, Information Technology,Materials,Utilities

I forgot to get this, I’ll get it to you on Monday.

Hope this Helps. It doesnt want to keep the format, so the first number is the Avg Bench Weight over the year, and the second is the return for the Sector. Avg. Bench Bench Weight Return ------ ------ GICS Sector ----------- Energy 7.92 47.39 Materials 5.65 26.02 Industrials 12.54 18.24 Consumer Discretionary 17.08 -10.14 Consumer Staples 5.58 8.64 Health Care 8.87 14.17 Financials 18.30 -13.79 Information Technology 13.79 5.6 Telecomm Service 2.24 -4.81 Utilities 8.03 14.23 ------ TOTAL 5.61

Thank u so much bw!

No problem.

hey bigwilly, i hate to bug you again but could you possibly send me a screenprint or attachment with those numbers on it? my email: Thanks!