Russia invades Georgia-Oil price to increase?

Is this development shocking to others as well? Although I wasn’t paying attention to the developments, this is really surprizing. Oil, I think will rise again. Don’t ask me how and why. The speculators may explain it better.

I’ve been short since 133. Rode it up to 147 and current making bank down here. Bot some calls on nat gas producers and selling down my retail exposure just in case it rallies though.

It is georgia invades south osetia. fuc*ing Georgia would never do it without support from USA and Bush. Tens of innocent were killed already. Think again.

It’s rare that a smaller, militarily weaker country invades a massively stronger, richer, nuclear armed neighbor. I think, even if Georgia had the blessing of the US, it doesn’t pass the political laugh test. There is no way the US is sending troops to take on the Russians long term at this point and the Russians know that.

Well, actually, with President Bush at the helm in the US, sending troops against Russians is not quite unthinkable… absolutely irresponsible, yes, but not unthinkable.

Still doesn’t pass the straight face test.

just before the presidential elections in November … I don’t think its likely. but the good news was this - Oil falling on the back of lower demand and a rising dollar

I smell something fishy.

no way is Georgia going to be able to handle Russia! what are they going to do? throw peaches at them??? jk

The whole situation there is quite complicated. The whole mess started after the breaking of Russian Empire in 1917. The Georgians killed (ethnically cleansed) a bunch of Ossetians in 1920 and Ossetians retaliated. The problem was suppressed during the Soviet times, but became an issue again after the break-up of the Soviet Union. I think that both sides have to negotiate. However, I tend to blame the Georgian President Saakashvili for igniting the conflict in order to divert the attention of his populace from severe economic problems Georgia is currently facing. It an old political trick, but its a shame that it will come at a cost of human lives.


1500 died according to last news.

i just hope it doesn’t impact the flow of georgian wine into the US.

Don’t mess with Pootie Poot (as GW likes to call him).

Ye I heard Bush took a jet to Atlanta to get a better perspective of how things are on the ground

So I like to think of myself as an educated, worldly person and yesterday was the first time in my life I had heard about South Ossetia. Russia and possible NATO member Georgia fighting over that? WTF?

Like didn’t Paris Hilton did a youtube on it a month ago?