Russian Stock Market

Anyone buying RSX at this level? Obviously still massive amounts of political and event risk but you have to believe the Russian market is a going concern… down roughly 50% this year seems to be a good medium/long term entry point.

nope. putin will go nuts soon

Massive rebound today, up 10%. I looked at Russian equities a few weeks ago, could be a good move at this price, catch the bounce and then get out. But I haven’t got the guts to pull the trigger.

I thought about buying yesterday morning when the market was down 8% in early morning trading but didnt pull the trigger. Regretting that now and hoping for another crises to create some opportunity as I don’t want to jump in now after the rebound

u jut playing the bounce?

On a risk/reward basis, I can think of such a long list of ideas I’d chase before gambling Putin doesn’t completely lose his shit in the coming months.

some pretty deep value stocks but not worth the risk in my view. Will probably get considerably worse before it gets better.

Reminds me of the thread just a few months ago about buying Russian stocks because they have cheap PEs. Now we see a great example of why.

I remember i had discussions about it in May, with a person who works in Russia (Used to live here) He was saying Ukraine crisis is temporarily and RSX will bounce, it did and then crashed down.

Bottom line, I would never be long country which is transitioning from open economy to command economy shielded by iron curtain