Russians, Mexican or ISIS?

So i was thinking. Who are the most sophisticated and/or most dangerous, Russian mafia, Mexican cartel or ISIS fighters? If you had one of them after you, who would you rather they be?

Russian mafia because they’ll take a bribe over cutting your head off.


ISIS because they are stupid, delusional, and probably most important, terrible shots.

Mafia and cartel are similar and if there’s a hit ordered, it will eventually be carried out. ISIS won’t be around forever. Plus, like I said, they’re stupid.

I approve this message.


Well Mexican and Russian cartels are more sophisticated, Isis probably more brutal, but it would be very hard to elude especially the Mexican cartel here in the US. The Mexicans I think would be my least favorite to have on my tail.

This made me think of my favourite quote from The Wire when one of the cops phones a guy in the Russian Mafia to see if they had any involvement in a recent spate of killings

Russian: “Did they have hands? Did they have a face?”

Cop: “Yes”

Russian: “Then it wasn’t us”

I don’t remember any Russians in The Wire. Guess I need to go back an rewatch the entire series.

It was in series 2. I also need to go back and watch the entire series.

“Boris? Why always Boris?”

I think you’re done if any of them come after you but I pick ISIS. If in the event someone slips up, I’d love to blast someone from that piece of shit group.

Pffff. The thing about ISIS is their foreign “agents” are basically disgruntled food truck workers with about three days of solid range time and no idea what they’re doing. Most of them are abject failures in life turning to extremism after they couldn’t even make it in their careers and personal lives in the normal world, cowards lacking the spine to simply withdraw from the gene pool. See the Garland,Tx incident where not one, but TWO guys roll up with AK’s and BODY ARMOR, even get the jump on the unsuspecting traffic cop who was working security and both get taken down by this guy with his Glock .45 while scoring no damage. My wife is better trained than those guys and if I were a betting man I’d put my money on her. The only time they’ve accomplished anything outside of their homeland of Tatoine is when they’re attacking a bunch of unarmed people out celebrating. They’re just pussies, that’s the beginning and the end of it.

More interesting is who would you least like to have after you. I think I would least like to have the Mexican cartels, specifically the Sinaloa Cartel. It probably would have been the Zetas until all their founders were taken out. Zetas were founded by actual Mexican ex-special forces guys (trained by US SF) who set up legit, brutal training for their soldiers. The Zetas were basically terrorists too. One time they pulled over buses and forced the male passengers to fight to the death with bats and other weapons. Winners could be new recruits. They had mass graves, true terrorist stuff. But, now Sinaloa would be way scarier. It’s a multi-billion dollar enterprise with the resources. To easily find you and kill you basically anywhere. You’d be better off killing yourself to avoid collateral damage.

Also depends on where you’re located, in North America the Mexicans would be much worse, but in Russia or Eastern Europe it would be the Russians. Gotta account for familiarity with the environment, connections, network and force projection. If I’m in Syria, then obviously that would change things.


wouldn’t want to run into these mofos:

Image result for breaking bad twins

I’m aware that the cartels have large networks through America, but do they actively set up contract killings outside of Mexico?