Russia's 1st channel, comment about M.A.D


Russians are so blunt, it’s pretty amusing.

I don’t find it amuzing. This person was just promoted to head Russia RIA news, one of the largest russia’s state new agency.

Well there is some truth to it, Russia is really the only country that the US can’t confront directly militarily. That’s why, among other things, Obama really has no power to do anything in Ukraine other than cry about it.

The US can enforce economic sanctions or trade restrictions against Russia. Even if there is no threat of military action, Russia should care about maintaining economic relations with one of its biggest customers. Putin is surely sensitive towards this. However, this Ukranian situation has been very good for his domestic approval rate. Russia’s economy is not doing well, and this Crimea situation has drawn attention away from Russia’s internal problems. The disapproval from the international community is just a cost of pursuing this issue.

The US will be reluctant to enforce sanctions, mostly because the EU won’t support anything more than symbolic protests. If the US pressed hard, Russia can turn off the gas and sink the EU economy tomorrow into a recession. Germany and others have much more to lose than Russia when it comes to the economic game.

Putin doesn’t really care about the economics, at least in the short term, if he has rising popular support at home amongst the nationalists. Eventually that pressure may catch up to him, but he can certainly outlast Europe in a gas shutdown situation.