S2000magician deserves all the accolades

Can’t say enough thanks to Magician. The true measure of a man is how he treats someone that can do him no good. I think–though it has been said–we owe another round of thanks. I’ve lurked Magician’s answers for quite awhile and I can safely say part of my success in understanding CFA concepts comes directly from his advice.

So as we conclude this road, I just wanted to say the following;

Thank you, Magician. Your efforts do not go unnoticed nor unappreciated.

You can thank him by pushing his products :wink:

didnt get any of his products. but i heavily used google to search questions and concepts here, responses from him have been helpful. heck, i started browsing this forum since level 1 3 years back. thanks!

He introduced me to Fixed Income fundamentals. And with his support I got > 70 in Fixed Income in all CFAI exams so far including AM part of L3. I purchased Fixed Income book by CFAI over Amazon as a souvenir:) Magician deserves a hymn.

I remember I had a massive brain-fart on L2 in regards to beta and correlation, hahaha, guess who came to the rescue…

Totally agree! smagician2000 is the true master of CFA. I passed all my exams on first attempt and I received great answers from SMagician2000 on this forum. I did not use his products though, however that is because I only wanted to use CFA material and did not have time to read anything else.