S2000magician’s Command Word Guide


I would like to share my thoughts on the command word guide prepared by S2000magician to help clarify or guide the level 3 candidates.

I found this guide to be very useful. It analyzes the command words found in the AM papers and guides candidates on what is expected of them to score well.

Seven most frequently appearing command words found mention in this guide. This guide is very detailed yet it is Upto the point.

Good idea. Never analyze when they ask you to evaluate.


sorry, where can I find this guide, is it different from the command guide offered by CFAI?

In his website. financialexamhelp123.com

He hasn’t released mocks yet

Great work from S2000magician.

It’s a thorough look on what CFA is expecting from you with each command word of the morning exam, something that is not always as clear as you may think.

Hope it helps me passing the exam this time.

Thanks for posting.

How many pages does this guide have?

About 75.