Safe place to leave belongings during exam?

I was thinking about taking public transportation to the exam, so I don’t have to worry about parking, traffic and all the other great things that come with driving. Does anyone who has taken the exam before know if there is place or person that will watch belongings that are not allowed in the exam room since I can’t stash my stuff in my car?

I read a post last year where Ms Bambi CFA recommended wearing “combat clothes” that is to say clothes with many pockets, and many layers of clothes. By and large youl’ll only need your wallet, ticket, pencils, eraser, sharpener, calculator, earplugs and any reading glasses you might need. Keep them in your trouser pockets (hence the need for “combat trousers” with leg pockets). Plus a plastic bag where you keep your lunch, that bag can be safely left in the separate area watched over by the proctors. Don’t bring your mobile phone or any books or other prohibited gear. If you bring your cheat sheet (to read at lunchtime) you can stash it into the bag where you keep your “brown bag lunch”.

Check online when you get your admission ticket. I believe each testing location has specifics on what types of accomodations they provide. I also believe that there is a disclaimer that they are not responsible for lost or stolen items, so take the minimum amount of “stuff” you need.

I had that same question so I asked my friend who wrote in June… she said they have a designated room where pple can store their stuff… but there’s tons of pple & stuff, so be sure not to carry anything valuable. I got the impression that the room isn’t watched by anyone… but that’s the Toronto centre, not sure where you’re writing.