Safety-vested proctors?

What was with the bright yellow safety vest being worn by proctors this year? Did CFA send those to all test centers, or did just the Omaha proctors get together and say, “Hey, this might look cool!”? Major distraction.

Yep, our proctors had them too! They looked more like a construction workers than proctors LOL

I think it was new. I took it in Omaha last year and they did not wear them, but they did in Minneapolis this year.

Not here in New Zealand.

Haha I was in Omaha this year too. The same proctor who seems to not be able to read, right?

guess everywhere…yellow and orange seethrough vests

Haa, they had in Chennai, India too…

They wore them in Taipei, Taiwan too

I liked them :smiley:

Yeah, that guy! I took level 2 in Omaha last year as well (this was my second try), and I swear, there were at least four proctors in the room for the same number of test-takers. At least they weren’t snooping through passports while we were testing this year like they did last year. Super distracting.