Sage advice from the OG, SG

Looks like she worked at Rochdale Investments for 2.5 years and then chose to move to Lehman on 7/17/07. Awesome timing on her part.

That’s one hell of a leading indicator.

That video was embarrassing to watch.

Beautiful and intelligent (she makes some good points)!!! Sign me up :+1:

Dug up these gems lol…

  1. Cheapskate boyfriends who apparently deserve to be called out in publications read by millions of people.

Grillo said she and her boyfriend were faced with a choice between a platinum, gold or silver engagement ring. He said he didn’t care which one she chose so long as it was the cheapest. Grillo did care, so she dumped him and invested the money for the wedding in Commercial Metals Co. a small-cap stock that made her as much as 300 percent in profit.

A profile of Grillo, who has both, in Bloomberg, has a clear-cut answer: the CFA. The hedge funder is near-obsessed with her charter.

From Bloomberg:

“I wanted those letters after my name so badly."

“If it took me 80 years, it was going to say, ‘Sara Grillo, CFA’ on my tombstone.”

She sounds batshit crazy. I think her ex-boyfriend dodged a bullet there…

I actually agree with all of her “advice” in this article.

But is this really the type of advice that you would expect from the top business writer in NYC? “Avoid platitudes and banalities.”? “Be different from the other guys somehow.”?

I look forward to Ohai and DoW’s comments.


I think that this is someone who believes her skills and intelligence are far higher than the objective reality.

Greenman- see if she’s available to help you develop a marketing plan for your new venture. Maybe the two of you can shoot a video.

If you had a harvard undergrad and an nyu MBA, this couldve been you. Think about that.

Birdie, I have to say, this screen grab is like you took an optimizer and scoured the video for an instant of time within it that would produce the maximum amount of despondency. Outstanding work.


For real though, shes a yes.

Are you Franky Barnes?

I can be whatever you want me to be, DoW

Can you be a young Pamela Anderson?

Goo goo gah gah I like moose and maple syrup!

Internet bullying and such may seem benign, but I’d personally recommend you let this one die greenie

For real, she seems sassy and fun. Plus she has hot hair. I like her energy.

I know, I know. Not the normal kind of “sexy.” But she’s a yes in my book.

Hey. I’m just reposting the articles that I get from Advisor Perspectives. It’s not like I’m hacking her computer for pics