Sage advice from the OG, SG

i was going to bump an old Sara G to tha Rillo thread, but there were so many to choose from, I thought I’d start another one.

Warren Buffett, George Soros, and SG

This article belongs in a toilet.

Models and bottles. Might be attending maxim Halloween party at Hollywood Hills. Friend getting table!! B4ng3rs

This woman is insane. The first line of the biography on her website says “I am the #1 business writer in New York City, and one of the top business writers in the world.” Even at the height of dishonesty, only extreme self delusion could cause here to believe that anyone would take this statement seriously. Also, the article that G pasted is in reference to Sara’s FA practice, which went out of business.

Bottom line - I’m counting down to the Sara Grillo Bang Bus special episode.

That can’t be a real bio…

Remember this gem?

Thanks for the reminder.

In order to be fair—she did get an undergrad from Harvard and an MBA from NYU. Her academic credentials are higher than 99% of the planet, including me.


I might not be as much of an AF long-timer, so I don’t remember this. But I took the bait and clicked on it. It only took a few seconds into the video before a wave of profound sadness washed over me, leaving me with a sinking sense of depression that I could not shake.

I’m not clicking on it.

If you wish to preserve your vision, wise move…

What’s the matter, DOW? Don’t like videos of girls taking off their clothes and dancing wildly, slinging their hair?

Just talking about it makes me want to watch it again.

I respect it. Only people truly confident with themselves can do this.

Well, Greenie, under ordinary circumstances your description is enticing. However, when the girl in question is this one, awkwardly gyrating in an under-furnished and bleak apartment with toddler toys in the background on a grainy webcam, I just get…existentially despondent.

Another one.

Boost about past trades”?!? This, from New York’s #1 business writer?!?

“So you’re probably curious…it seems I have a few extra brain cells than the average…”


^ average what?

this chick belongs in the looney bin. shes a victim of her own imagined sleight

apparently business insider wrote an article on her bc she was on a “mission to rid the world of 30% of its male CFAs” (this article was wrote in 2010). she met a random girl on the subway and said

“She was having a really tough time with a guy giving her trouble and I looked at her and I said, ‘look, you don’t need this guy. You can do so much better than this. Now let me teach you about stocks.’

talk about being devoid of social skills