Sage Advice Needed - Prep Materials

Hi all, was hoping for some experienced feedback from those who have taken/passed LIII. I am looking into purchasing some materials (books and video lectures most likely) from a prep provider. I’ve used Schweser in the past and thought the materials were decent, but not excellent. the greatest value was just having a condensed version of the material for the super long LII. but i’ve also had the benefit of having a local course offered with excellent instruction…that will no longer be the case for LIII.

I want to be very careful in which provider i use, whether it be Schweser, Wiley, etc. Does anyone have a very strong reccomendation for what they used in the past? My employer will cover this so relative cost is not a factor (not that i can buy everything though).

Also, I’ve also been seeing that for LIII using the CFAI material might be of particular importance. If you strongly agree, please do let me know. Thanks all!

My two cent, use CFAI and attend Marc Lefevbre’s Bootcamp. Absolutely worth it!

For me personally, I did 20% Schweser, 50% CFAI books, 30% mocks and was able to clear in the first try.

  • Schweser notes for reading
  • CFAI books for questions
  • GoStudy for review (www.cfaexamlevel3)

I used the FinQuiz smart summaries this year. I thought they were excellent for final review. Definitely worth checking out.

Finally found out which Marc many of you are talking about

He speaks superfast…I have mp3 records of SCHWESER in my phone which I played over and over again when I drive, have shower, eat or walk…Cant be more familiar with his motto