Salary development

How has your salary increased during your career? Just base salary, no bonuses as theyre contingent and segment related.
I’m right now 2x my first pay and like 7 years under my belt. This is no pissing contest; i just want some honest input on salary levels.

9 years in and just more than double my first base salary which was low due to commission incentive as an execution only stockbroker, in London.

Interestingly I became a CFA charterholder last year and there was a new chap joined the team a few months just before who was also a charterholder. He is now leaving the firm for another interesting opportunity so I thought I would ask him his base. Turns out he was on significantly more than me and I was training him. Without being too annoyed I asked for a 30% payrise recently which will put my base just slightly ahead of his base.
If it comes in, I’ll be on slightly more than triple my starting base, living in Scotland where coin goes alot further. I’ll happily share the news in the coming weeks should it come in!

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Gur math a thèid leat!

(Note: charterholder is one word.)

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:sob: Damn you autocorrect!

2.6x, roughly 10 years.

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I was underemployed or doing unpaid internships for a few years. I got my proper start in sell side research in 2017 as a full time intern doing associate level work and was paid $11/hour because the cunts didn’t want to pay to bring someone on full time. When I moved to a new firm (a top boutique comparable to lazard/evercore) with my boss almost 2 years later it got increased to $25/hour for 35 hours a week (I worked ~70-90, and all but 5 days in the first year) with the understanding that within a few months they’d increase it when they made me full time. 18 months later they made me full time and bumped me to $85k. A year later I got a raise to $90, then a few months later everyone got a $15k raise. Then I moved to a new firm (at a top middle market bank) with my boss and got another $15k raise. My bonus also went up about about $30k, which got factored into my sign on, which was nice, as was its being 8 months ahead of when I’d get my yearly. That said, I’ve interviewed with 6 buyside places over the past year for jobs in the $350-$500k range, so I dont expect to be getting paid pocket change forever. And now that my boss and I are at a banks that actually values us, he’s getting paid a premium amount, and I think that in relatively short order, I could be too, if I stayed, though I don’t intend to stay on the sell side.

Started my corporate full time career in 2013 with no bonus, now base salary is a little over 3.5x from that point. Currently contemplating switching again and the increase seems like it will be +20-40% total comp.

I’m over 2x now, roughly 6.3’ish years in.

Wouldn’t mind ramping it up to 500x though if I could land one of those 20k/mo internships in ManWomanHattan.

I think I’m right at 5x in 10 years.


6.62X aint too bad

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1.59X at 10 years in.

But there was a pretty drastic job change in year 9, so… Probably not really comparable.

When you hit 6.66x Ill buy you one beer

i thought you can afford more these days?

My investments are literally all in growth equities

You shut up now you hear