Salary Expectation?

Man I hate being asked about salary expectations for a position when you really have little idea what is appropriate… Things have been slow on the forum lately so maybe anyone knowledgeable out there could give me some insight. Interviewing for an investment analyst position at a med. sized NA city pension plan. The actual investing activity is outsourced to various large inv. managers, thus the analyst’s position is to assist in developing overall plan investment mandate, evaluate the managers that are selected, conduct overall market condition analysis, etc. The team working at the actual city plan is rather small - < 15 people. I just graduated from a non-top 20 MBA, but near the top of my class. No inv. industry experience, but several years of financial analysis experience prior to MBA. Wrote Level 2 in June. Anyway, anyone with some good estimates of what a salary might be in this type of job, throw it out there. Because I really don’t know and could use the help. Thanks

I know you said non-top 20, but here is some idea for the 20 - 25 schools. Also, they say: “Before you take this table too seriously, we want to clearly state that these numbers are simply averages. If you decide upon graduation that you would like to work for a small start up and a nice options package (we concede those days are probably gone until the business cycle comes full circle again) or if you decide to work for a large Fortune 500 with good job benefits and security, then you are NOT going to make the these 6 figure salaries your first year out of business school.” I would look up the average post-MBA salary stats for your school and use that as a starting point.

based on your background and the info provided I’ll start the bidding at $60k

There are a lot variables, but $60-80k is in the ballpark.

I can tell you that the listed numbers are total comp (base + signing bonus + relocation) at the least and that those numbers will not hold up this year. Typical large named finance salaries for associate level is 95Kish base, with enough bonus up front to get up to 140Kish. I know others this year getting 100-115 base, 5000-1000 relocation, but no signing bonus (not this year). Just say you are flexible around $XX,XXX dollars per year. I would guess its around 70-80K. Investment Management in pension area doesnt command top dollar, and if your farming out a lot of the actual management, i would expect a lower number. I recently graduated and in several mid-final round interviews was asked salary expectations. Do yourself a favor and do extensive research on what comparable jobs make, and go in and fight for more money. Last thing you want to do is lock in a low ball.

it must depend on the city in which they expect you to live. I couldnt imagine it being <100k base+bonus anywhere

I could be way out in left field here, and yes, I do think I’m pretty bright and actually worth paying decent $, but I think the job as described, and with my background (non-top 20 MBA, CFA not done but in progress), 100k plus is way overly optimistic. I’m in Canada, so maybe that plays a role, but I’ve had friends starting in equity research at big-6 banks up here who are starting at mid-70’s, with expectations for small bonus… so there’s no way I would think this job, with no actual direct management of plan assets, could be in the 100k plus range, or even near. I’m thinking mid-60’s is actually likely more appropriate. Anyway thanks all for the help.