Salary for this job?

Trading Analyst/Clerk with one of the big banks prop trading energy desks in TO. Basically a deal-entry and book running role, responsible for maintenance of exposure and generation of P&L. What do you guys think? I am presently a junior gas trader/trading analyst out in Calgary, looking to move out east. Definitely a step down, but perhaps a job is a job at this point?

Why dont you stay put?

Stay put! How is the job market in Calgary? I’m looking for your exact type of position

from out east, desire to move home… any chance this job pays in the 50-60 range?

sounds more like 40-50 range

I’d say thats a pretty entry level position 40- 45k IMO. Stay put

more like 37-42k

DirtyDirty, are there any opportunities in your current firm for a Level 3 candidate completing a master’s in Finance this December?

Calgary prices are coming down. I can find places downtown that are well under $300k now