salary negotiations

Hi all, I wanted to seek some advice regarding salary negotiations. I got this job offer yesterday from a company where I interviewed few days back. The salary they offered me is less than what I am making currently as a consultant. But if I take into consideration bench time and variable rates/hr, etc then it comes around almost the same figure. I called up the HR guy today to discuss the offer and asked if they could give me 10 k increment in what they were offering. Even before I could explain my point as to why i thought i deserved 10k increase, the HR guy blatantly refused. He didnt even give me a chance to explain what I was trying to say. even if they gave me 5k + what they offered I would have been fine. But he blatantly refused so there was no scope left for negotiation. I am not sure what I should do next and how I should approach this issue. On one hand I think that I should accept what I am being offered because firstly the market is bad and secondly I am tired of consulting and want something more stable. On the other hand I feel like I am leaving money on the table by not being able to walk away in order to get what I want. I know this is a long post but any advice will be really appreciated. I really need some inputs. Thanks CFA_aspirant

I am a consultant now. Not sure what the details are but this doesn’t sound like something you want. A 40hr / week job in consulting usually isn’t 40hrs … its a lot more. I would stay where you are unless you hate what youre doing now and your real passion is this other job, which would be the only reason to switch. If you don’t want it, but would take it if they matched your current salary. Just tell them you will take the job if they will match it, fully knowing that they might not be capable to match it.

it is not a good time to move , stick where you are .regarding negotiation i always ask for the higher limit and try and convince them

the fact that the guy didnt let you talk could say things about the company as a whole: do you think his stubbornness reflects on others woh works there – if your work is team driven, you may not like your future team members! good luck

moving for less or equal money is a pointless unless you are dying to get out. Otherwise all you do is start over somewhere, have another listing on your resume, and wait at least a year for a raise to come your way. No lateral moves!