Salary Question

How do you handle "What was your salary at your prior job? question if you believe it was too low?

Also have you ever been asked to provide tax returns to the employer?

If it’s a recruiter I often provide a range, rather than hone in on the actual salary.

Your previous/current employer cannot divulge this inforamtion unless you approve HR to do so (if it’s a smaller firm they may be less concerned with a lawsuit).

Everyone believes they’re underpaid, if not you’re the minority. I’d prefice the conversation with “this is what I’m looking for and why”. At the EOD if you’re a top candidate and the firm likes you the price tag will not deter them- unless you’re in middle management, which they may be inclined to hire someone that’s more jr. for signifcantly cheaper. Just my .02.

Give your total compensation instead of salary (base, bonus, pension, healthcare, etc.)

I give total compensation only if we’re pretty far in the interview process, and then also emphasize how much I hope to be making. I want to be paid for the job I’ll be performing in the future, not the role I’ve had in the past, and I make sure that the company pays up if they want to hire me.

I tell them what I expect, not what I earn. I’ve never had someone push back (probably because they assume my answer indicates what I make, which it wouldn’t, as I’d be looking for a bump up to switch).

Always used something like:

“It will take in the range of $220 to get me to move, below that, it becomes more difficult for me to justify leaving my current position. Of course, with bonuses and benefits and what not it becomes difficult to provide a single point and I’ll consider whatever package is available.”

Have had success with this so take what you will.