salary with JP morgan

I just had an interview with JP morgan for fixed income associate position in NYC today.The HR asked my salary expection, how much should I tell him? I asked him the budget for this job, but he didn’t tell me and just said it depends on experience. This is a junior level job. I never worked in NYC.

I’m going to estimate a range of $65-90k base

If it’s a truly junior position then you should not expect more than 70k. If you are right out of college, than I would not expect much more than 60k. Associate can mean more junior than an Analyst and vice versa. My shop Associate is above Analyst. If JPMorgan treats positions the same way, then you can expect up to 90k like DRS said. But that won’t be truly junior.

Knowing what kind of “fixed income associate” and your experience would go a long way in providing some better expectations.

Cadgret, what department?