Sales breakdown - volume and pricing

I have a list of companies for which I need to breakdown the sales growth into organic vs acquisition related growth, and then further into growth from pricing, volume and currency. Any ideas where companies might disclose such information? Very few companies have it on their 10k. I tried bloomberg too but without luck. Thanks for suggestions!

That (cost detail) is *very* competitive-advantage information, so in most industries an outsider will never see it. Sometimes in earnings-announcements briefings they will open the kimono a bit – see if the firm’s IR pages on their web site includes announcement powerpoints. I guess you could even call their IR person and ask directly. Sometimes industry-specific information-aggregators will survey firms and publish this stuff, but usually it’s anonymous, and you’ll have to pay for it. Organic vs acquisition, if not given in public filings, might be approximated by examining the states of ParentCo and TargetCo at merger time, and then propagating based on assumed growth rates.