Sales interview

How are these usually structured? I thought I would have been given a deck to at least review and prepare? I did at least use my company resources to download everything about the portfolio that I would be selling (so, I at least know some sht about it). But, the guy put a 1 hour meeting on my calendar for tomorrow and nothing else.

What can I expect? I’d be cold-calling/warm-calling (what even is warm calling??) advisers and selling a suite of products that is proprietary to my firm.

any tips? It’s tomorrow.

Usually, they ask who your clients are and how may of them you can bring over. If you have no sales experience, it’s probably mostly behavioral stuff.

I’ve posted responses to this exact question probably 30 times. Are you talking about being an internal wholesaler or something different?

Look up my past posts using google: “wholesaler” or just PM me for specific questions.

Work smarter, not harder I always say. That being said, I found the below response you gave very useful. Sweet!



Congrats dude! In Denver still?

Congrats! Now you can live up to your user name :slight_smile:

Awesome. No go kill it!

Yeah Denver. You ever come out? Better say hey when you’re around bro. I’ll buy ya’ a beer.

Lots of work to get done first :slight_smile:

Never been, although I would love to go snowboarding there one day, will def keep you posted! Let me know if you’re ever around CLT area or hopefully Boston (once I find a job there lol)

So how’s the new job going? What are you selling? Are you on the phone all the time?

Send me a msg if/when you land a job in boston. Just a fyi, its cold af right now so dress warm.

I don’t start until 1/1/19 - so just chilling right now. I’ll be selling our proprietary passive investment strategies to advisers who are already on my firms fintech platform.

Will do!

That is the only thing I am not looking forward to! I actually graduated from BU in 2010 and lived in Boston for 10 years total. Living in NC for the past 4 years has made me weak…

I live North of Boston and after last winter, I am trying to get a satellite office opened in puerto rico. sun and tax breaks :slight_smile:

Sign me up!