Salsa recipes?

I have a ton of chile plants on my back patio:

  • Cayennes
  • Tepins
  • Pequins
  • Poblanos
  • New Mexicos
  • Tabascos
  • Serranos
  • Habaneros (red and orange)
  • Bhut Jolokias (Ghost chiles)
  • Congo Trinidads
  • Trinidad Scorpions

Some already have ripe fruit, some have just buds, some are in between.

I have some salsa recipes I enjoy (and which I’ll post presently), but I was wondering if y’all might have some favorites you’d like to post.


It’s pretty easy. Pepper, roma tomato, red onion, garlic, cilantro, basil, oregano, olive oil and salt and pepper. Dice it all up real fine, bamn done. Let that stew overnight in its own juices and you’re golden.

Oribe Peralta’s hometown salsa

  1. Boil six pounds of red jalapenos.

  2. When they are soft, blend them.

  3. Chop and add one bunch of cilantro

  4. Chop and add one white onion.

  5. Serve.

I was hoping for something a bit more . . . imaginative.

For example:

Habanero, Tomatillo, and Orange Salsa

  • 6 habaneros (fewer If you prefer)
  • 1 lb. tomatillos
  • 2 oranges
  • 4 – 5 green onions
  • salt and lime juice

Halve the tomatillos and put half on them, along with the habaneros, under a broiler, charing the skins. Purée the tomatillos and habaneros.

Dice the other half of the tomatillos and add to the purée.

Juice one orange and add the juice to the purée. Peel the other orange, removing all of the pith. Separate the segments and dice them. Add the diced orange to the purée.

Slice the green onions and add them to the purée.

Add salt and lime juice to taste.

If you like hot (really hot!) salsa, this in awesome. And adictive.

As someone who lives in the North and where none of these plants are native, I am hankering to try this out.

What do you eat with this salsa? We lack real mexicans up here.

Tortilla chips.

Or throw a spoonful onto a bowl of homemade chili or black bean soup.

Ketchup, water, and black pepper. Isn’t that enough? :wink:

Have you tried replacing orange with a mango (a ripe mango chopped in small cubes)?

I haven’t.

I do make some mango salsa with ripe serrano chiles, red onion, and cilantro. I roast half the mangos, the chiles, and the the onion, and dice the rest of the mangos, puréeing the roasted mango and chiles. It’s quite tasty.

I was just going to post this mango salsa recipe. It’s a fresh salsa that takes about 10 minutes to prep and is amazing on chips or with dense fish such as grilled tuna, swordfish or marlin

Dice a mango or two

Dice a purple onion

Dice a jalapeno or two, or a few habaneros

Dice a bell pepper(red looks prettier, any one will do)

Chop some cilantro

Add all these things into a bowl with some salt and some lime juice. I sometimes add fresh diced pineapple as well. It’s extremely fresh and crispy and really is perfect with grilled fish.

Minneapolis has an amazing farmers market that we head to several times a month. If anyone ever finds themselves here, it really is worth checking out. Lots of good food, tons of attractive ladies wandering around and an ability to connect with local growers and artisans. We usually follow up trips there with a trip to a fresh seafood joint that has stuff flown in daily. Grab whatever looks good and figure out how we’re going to use the fresh produce with the fresh fish. I think I just made plans for Saturday.

Next time add a mixture of lime/lemon/OJ instead of just plain lime

Do NOT add mango or peach or pineapple. Its disgusting

Add raw garlic

Sound yummy! will try!




^ I think you’re speaking for many of us.