53%. i couldn’t finish the exam in 2 hrs. (couldn’t do 30 q in 2 hrs), and got 0% on equity section.

Sample is on 30Q’s, not a good indicator if you ask me.

For real; man up, do your best, and see what happens.

well, it was my first exam. how do you print this thing?

i got 1/6 on equity in sample 1 two weeks ago. the CFAI end of chapter questions on FCF helped bring me up to speed.

pepp shut up and keep working. work every single second u have left. i read on here today that some guy who got a 55% on the sample last yr got in band 10. you have another full day to push that up. on august 18th you will be THAT guy with the obnoxious 15 exclamation points after your “I PASSED” thread. but not if u dont work ur ass off.

dudeeee… i am trying. i promise!!

I don’t think the sample is a good indicator either but to not finish the sample in 2 hours? There is some type of error in your approach to these questions in my opinion. I’m not trying to be mean because I think I’m headed down the road of failure myself but there shouldn’t be any time issues, the questions aren’t calculation heavy by any means. If you know the formulas (which I unfortunately don’t) then it shouldn’t be taking very long to reach the answer