sample 2. - ethics

sounds like when one had material nonpublic information, he/she could conduct a quick but thorough 5+ hour research as what Boyle did. magically, the material nonpublic information would become a piece of mosaic. until then before the market closing, a block trade would benefit both personal and clients. wow! i always had impression that the best strategy is doing nothing for the given situation until the information becomes known. didn’t this sample question send us a wrong message?

rand0m i am still puzzled myself. When you have MNP you should make best efforts so that source would dissiment it to public. Also, you should contact DESIGNATED supervisory and compliance personal (I think by designated they mean Not your manager). Do you remember exact time perioud? was it 5 hours or 2 weeks?

the question didn’t give how long it took Boyle to do his research. but, based on the amount of work he did. i would say 5 hours top. the key thing is he wouldn’t even start this adhoc research if he didn’t have the material nonpublic info.