Sample 3: Couldn't even calculate future prices!

My fatigue is kicking in, I made the dumbest mistakes ever on the derivatives section. I usually score >70 in that section and only did 33% on it this time. Basically because I wasn’t reading right. At least I know that won’t happen to me on Saturday :-). Still scored 66% (for some reason CFAI rounds 66,67 down to 66) which is not too bad considering that apart from Derivatives I was doing pretty well. Going to do Mock 2 tomorrow morning when I’m still fresh. Have fun tonight, I’m off to bed! Cheerio

You have made some great strides lately mcpass. Looking good for Saturday.

We’ll be fine mwvt9 but don’t tell anyone just yet :wink:

I’m telling!..

seriously, mcpass has really picked it up these last two weeks. i’m going the other way.

cfasf1 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > seriously, mcpass has really picked it up these > last two weeks. i’m going the other way. You’re money for this exam. Hopefully I can get some studying in tomorrow . . . day of moving from one city to another.

thanks nib. i do appreciate it, man. i’m just having a rough 2 days. feels like nothing is sticking. by the way, how did you end up moving 2 days before the test??!

I have no idea, but I have to haha.

well, you’ve got nothing to worry about. you will be kicking some cfa ass on saturday.

i was crying over moving last weekend from an apartment 15 mins away, and you are moving to another city two days before the test?! wow.

I have a feeling my Mock 2 will be sub par tomorrow night when I take it.

lol nib. i’m thinking exactly that, and i’m not even moving… i’ve delayed it 2 days now. i dont want to see a sub 70 score on my last mock.

Same here. Seeing every one talk about how the test has a lot of problems with it, I am not looking forward to it.

I hear you MC. I took the same test yesterday and scored 66% because of derivatives and Trading securities question which I knew how to do it but did it incorrectly. Also forgot to add Net working capital in total cash in corp fin question. So many silly mistakes, man.