Sample 3

Just finished sample 3. again made lot of mistakes in bond section inspite of 3 hrs of reading the CFA matl couple of days back. Item set 3 was simple yet made lots of mistakes. In addition, scored below avg in Ethics where I surprisingly scored well in the prev exams…Few questions 1. CFA program quoted as post graduation. Have you guys heard of that? 2. port A comprise of zero coupon bonds 6 and 10 yr, port B is barbell 4. yr and 15 yr. which one has immunization risk given short term int rises and long term drops. I thought that barbell will not have reinv risk since the rate increase is one time affair and that it favours the short end(int increases) which helps set a higher reinv rate. Ans seem to suggest B has reinv risk. 3. Is multple liab immunization ever protected for yield curve risk??