sample exam 1 is brutal!

who else got killed on sample exam 1. got a 53 on it. wtf, i got over 70 on every other sample exam from 2007-2009. this one is crazy!

Wait til you get a load of sample 2

sample exam 2 is easier i hear. going average seems to be 70 on this forum.

I got a 53 on it to. I was staring at my computer perplexed during that thing.

yea sample 1 is ridiculous, scored 57 sample 2 scored 73. I think a lot of sample 1 is slightly out of scope, no doubt there will be surprises on the real exam, but I found there were a lot of surprises, and awkwardly worded questions. But it was good, I was starting to get cocky, glad it brought me back down to earth. Just gotta keep at it, nothing is guaranteed no matter what you score on these practice exams.

are these the ones that you pay for?

that is a good point, but it can just kill your confidence. its was very strangely worded as well.


U guys are scaring me! is this schweser?

No, the CFAI Sample 1. It was pretty terrible. I bombed 2 of the item sets, which put me somewhere in the mid-50’s. I haven’t done Sample 2 yet b/c I don’t want to have the air kicked out of me again. Good to hear it may not be as bad.


Did sample 1 last night and got quite frustrated, these days got cold and cough , pretty sad for that

By the way, does anybody could please explain the Q19, how the result turns out to be A, I’m always confused about its explanation. Thx

don’t worry, most people seemed to do poorly on it as well. sample exam 2 was much easier. and the mock was a piece of cake in comparison.

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