Sample Exam/QBank Scores....10 days left

First CFA sample exam (60 questions) – 72% Q Bank- 120 questions Medium and High difficulty I have consistently scored between 73 and 83 on these with a mean of about 76 or so. I try to take these without looking at notes but sometimes I will look up a formula for 1 or 2 questions so to reflect my real score I deduct a percentage point or two. I am worried because I struggled more with the CFA sample. I found that that some of the questions were testing a subtle nuance that I had not focued much on. I generally feel pretty confident but I was hoping for high 70’s on the sample exam. I plan on taking the mock next week and maybe purchasing another sample. In between I will do the Schweser practice exams and more qbank. Any analysis or suggestions for the final 10 days? Thanks!